If you desire to open your own Tea & Coffee shop,
Or you already have one,
Lets join with us.
If you already have your own coffee shop or any other shops; such as freshly brewed coffee, Thai ancient coffee, Indy style coffee, fruit juice, frozen drinks and any kind of beverages. Although you are doing the other businesses such as restaurant, bakery shop etc. and you have enough space for adding up more menus, this can be the additional choice to bring the finest taste to your customers. This is also for the newly investors who desire to open a Tea & Coffee shop as well.
Special Promotion! Only 6,900 Baht, you can bring The Indian Tea and Persian Coffee of 5 menus adding immediately in your place. The things you will get from this promotion are; (1) The Indian Tea leaves, Roasted and Grinded Coffee thus the other essential Indian herbs materials of total 1,000 glasses for serving. (2) A Making Manual Book. (3) Brand Board, Menu Stand Board and Logo Board. This can make your place more outstanding to arouse interest from your customers.
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